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Manufacture of Truck Bodies, Tool Boxes for Pickup-Semi and Accessories.  
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cross frame tool box for trucks


We Build Your Cross-Frame Tool Boxes, Back Pack, or Behind the Cab tool boxes to Fit Your Truck.

That means you pick the dimensions that work for you, not what's available. Add a shelf where you need it or maybe you would rather have a drawer instead OR both.

We have lots of these units pre engineered with drawings already made. More than likely we have one that comes close to fitting your truck and the items you carry. If not we just change it a little or a lot to fit your needs. Why? Because our customers needs are all different.

You carry different tools than any other business. A few inches bigger or a stack of drawers makes all the difference in the efficiency of your operation. Our manufacturing capabilities are bound only by your specifications.

Add extra storage to dump bodies, service bodies, or flat beds.

Highway Products is all about getting you the unit that gives you the biggest bang for your buck rather than what's on the shelf. Plus, you'll be surprised how fast you get it!

  • Welded gussets and reinforced - all corners
  • Spring loaded mounting U-bolt kits
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Folding Tee Stainless locks
  • Our Rainmaster™ weather seal system (no leaks)
  • Stainless Steel - w/ oversized 1/4 pin continuous hinge - Torx™ screw fastened
  • Marine Grade Aluminum - mill or polished diamond plate
  • Steel or Stainless steel also available - plain or powder coated your color. CARC to mil spec
  • Shipped to your door
  • Lifetime Warranty
cross frame backpack tool box for trucks
backpack tool box cross frame for truck
back pack tool box cross frame for trucks

Larry (in left picture) is doing a final inspection on this aluminum Cross-frame tool box before it ships to an anxious customer.

You make the call, steel or aluminum, even stainless steel. Single doors, double doors, shelves, or drawers. Plus, over 30 years of Highway Products experience goes in every box; built just for you.

A better fit for your business, a better choice.


Cross frame or Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products, Inc.

This custom Cross Frame tool box has six options. (1) It's a custom size built just for our customers truck and items he needed to carry. (2) Built with aluminum diamond plate that looks tough; hides small scratches and dings from everyday use. No paint required. (3) Double doors for easier access. Better for large boxes. (4) A basket on top; great for shovels, rakes, PVC fittings, etc. Can be lockable. (5) Grab handles; safety feature. (6) Shelves located where needed; can be ordered adjustable.


Cross frame or Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products, Inc.

Shelves were ordered on this unit to carry special tools and supplies. Double, side open doors are nice for easy access. Notice gussets in corners. Standard on all boxes. Although custom units will cost more up front. Your return on investment starts the first day you use them in time savings.

Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products give extra storage to your truck.

Note: If the hinge isn't 100% Stainless Steel. It will not last. Aluminum hinge is not strong enough, steel will rust shut.
One of the most important pieces of any tool box is the hinge. If the hinge isn't this big. It's not big enough. 14 gauge w/ 1/4 pin.



Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products give extra storage to your truck.

We use Torx™ stainless steel screws to fasten our hinges. Rivets work loose after time. Plus, if you happen to damage the box. We can make you a new door and you can replace it with simple tools. No rivets here.

Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products give extra storage to your truck.

Reinforcing in all corners is standard. These boxes get a lot of abuse from road and everyday use. Extra is better.


Backpack tool boxes built by Highway Products give extra storage to your truck.

Need drawers? Just tell us how many and what size. They can all be different sizes if you like. Available with 200- 400lb capacity slides.

Need a quote? More info? Ready to order? 

Call 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 5269)

7:00 AM–5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday

Need info after hours?

No problem, we have a salesman on duty after 5 on weekdays and weekends till 9pm PST

After hours number 541-778-0585

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