Manufacture of Truck Bodies, Tool Boxes for Pickup-Semi and Accessories.  
Made in U.S.A.
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Dealers, OEM's, Gov. (see below)

Please call 1 800 toolbox (1 800 866 5269) and meet one of our
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Highway Products

A name you can trust

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Attention: Dealers/Resellers/OEM's - 100%

Highway Products, Inc. is always looking for successful business partners. If you are a reseller or OEM needing truck accessories for light, medium, or heavy trucks, and looking for products to attract customers, there's a 100% chance we can help.

We make trucks look sharp and work great. As you can see, we have many products which are the highest quality available. Highway Products, Inc. is a trusted name by consumers that know us. Our customers are interested more in quality than price. They need products that last. Repeat business is high.

Our products are different! How many of the products you sell can be bought at your competitors stores? Offer products that set your store apart from the others. Your customer wants their truck to look different and better than the next guy. Give them what they want and take the price war out of the picture.

Lifetime Warranties! Today's customer wants to know the manufacturer stands behind their product. We build them so tough, we don't need a warranty.

Our Simple Warranty

Thicker metal, bigger hinges, and better locks. This is why we can offer our "Simple" warranty. Our customers want the best, so give them the best. Keep your customer from walking out the door empty handed. Gain reputation for carrying great products.

Highway Products, Inc., offers you a better return on your investment. When your customers see our products they will see the quality and the benefits. It's obvious! You'll develope a higher class of customers which equals a better return on your investment. Your customers will sell for you when bragging to their buddies about their new equipment from Higway Products!

On time delivery. Your customer depends on you to get their products to them on time. You can depend on us to get their products to you on time.

Call us, we'll set you up as an "Authorized Dealer" for our great line of products.

CAll 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 6269)


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Most of our business is through OEM's and we pay special attention to JIT manufacturing. As you can see from our web site, our main products are truck tool boxes. We build stainless steel, aluminum, and steel tool boxes and can install louvers, shelves, drawers, mounting holes, different types of locks, doors, lights, slides, mounting brackets, etc. We can build you one box or one thousand tool boxes, any size you want. We can also build and customize any other products we make. We ship all over the US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and international. We would like the opportunity to be your source of products we offer. If you already have a primary source, we would love to be your second or backup source because once you use us we will become your number one source. Call and any of our sales staff can assist you in becoming OEM authorized dealer.

Government, State, and Municipal Agencies often have special requirements

Since 1980, Highway Products, Inc. has been building products for government agencies, including the military, fire departments, forestry departments, DOT, police departments, cities, state departments, the US Border Patrol, the FBI and others. We are GSA approved and ready to help you with your needs.

Build to Your Specifications

Government customers appreciate that Highway Products, Inc., can build to their specifications.

We have hundreds of standard products, plus we're known world wide for handling special needs. As an example, we offer Mil CARC-System powdercoated products for the military. Just call and any of our sales staff will assist you with purchasing any of our products.













Call 1 800 TOOLBOX
(1 800 866 5269)

6:00AM - 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday 
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