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                Warranties and Returns Made Easy

                           Our Simple Promise to You:

Dear Customer, It's been over thirty years now, 1980 to be exact. When we opened our doors, we soon found out the hard way that no matter what we do or how hard we try, sometimes a part gives up prematurely; that even the best engineering fails on occasion and in certain situations. We also found out, to our surprise, we're human! We found out you, our customers, are very smart and realize everyone make mistakes. But first, you were most interested in how our products performed. Second, if there was a problem, How Are We Going To Handle It?

So we decided to take the pressure off our valued customer and put it where it should be. ON US! Thus, giving our customer a simple "Lifetime Warranty". No fine print to read, no hidden rules, or warranty cards to fill out, no receipts needed for returns or service. So, if this is your first purchase from Highway Products, Inc. Please read below. If we make a mistake, it will be our goal to fix or replace our defective products as fast as possible and Make You Happy!

All of our standard products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship. One of the reasons we can offer Lifetime Warranties on our standard products is because we’ve had many years of abuse to improve them with. As well, we also promise to do our best to give you the same warranty for custom products we make just for you. Highway Products is the largest custom tool box manufacturer on the planet and build them by the thousands. Our c
ustom products are designed by our top level engineers so you get the best we can give.

Your warranty will include locking mechanisms, hinge, gas props, weather strip, and most other materials we use. Plus, we replace lost keys free. Naturally we cannot cover things like paint chips, light bulbs, abuse, minor adjustments that you can easily make yourself, or normal wear and tear. And, we'll give you free tech support on any problem you have.

If the product you bought from Highway Products does not meet your expectations, we want to know so we can help you with it and make it better for the next product revision. All our products are a "Work in Progress." Meaning, we are continually changing and improving them. Mostly from our customers suggestions!

Please call one of our sales staff. They will help you with any problems including returning the
product. We accept returns within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less our shipping and repair costs, if any. We do
not charge a restocking fee and if we goofed, we'll pay the return shipping too.

Custom made products are not easily resellable. Unless we goofed on something, we cannot normally give refunds. To avoid any problems on custom products, we'll build you a blue print to look at, make changes if necessary, and get your sign-off of approval before we start production. We've found this proven method rarely has problems. If you need large
quantities, we'll build you the first one (first article) and send it to you before we start production of your order to make sure you get what you asked for.

Returns: Call us for assistance if you need to make a return. We'll take care of the rest. Saving the original packing for a few days will make it easier for you to repack for the return trip. Please keep in mind, we also suffer from returns.

Our goal is: "You get a great product the first time!" We want you to buy from us again, feel good enough about our products to recommend us to others, even brag about them, and show you Highway Products is:
                                                                    "A Name You Can Trust."

Thank you for buying or considering our products. Without you we are nothing!

Gene Gros 
President, Highway Products, Inc.

PS. Feel free to ask for me if you don't think we're performing up to your standards. I'll personally take care of it. That's a promise. 

Made in the USA is not just a buzz word here at Highway Products. It means incredible performance! We guarantee it!

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